Civil War Patriotic Tokens 1

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Fuld Number

Rarity Grade


  1/391b R4 VF nice surface  PIC   PIC 20.00
  7/313 R6 VF  PIC   PIC 45.00
  7a/317 R1 VF (weak as usually)  PIC   PIC 25.00
  7a/317 R1 VF (weak as usually)  PIC   PIC 35.00
  9/211 R6 VG  PIC   PIC 35.00
 9/406 R5 F+  PIC   PIC 120.00
 19/396 a R2 F  PIC   PIC 10.00
 29/303b R5 F+  PIC   PIC 20.00
  32/275 R7 XF  PIC   PIC 50.00
  34/278 R5 VF (porous)  PIC   PIC 30.00
 35/274 a R6 VF  PIC   PIC 40.00
 62/367 a R3 F  PIC   PIC 18.00
 65A/371a R6 F  PIC   PIC 30.00
 65A/371a R6 VF  PIC   PIC 45.00
 73/84 R7 VF  PIC   PIC 175.00
 98/291a R5 XF (clip)  PIC   PIC 30.00
 99/292 a R3 VF (Weakly struck as usually)  PIC   PIC 28.00
 103/293 a R5 G (Obverse scratch, weak reverse.)  PIC   PIC 18.00
 107/432b R1 XF  PIC   PIC 17.00
 108/201a R3 F (weak as usually)  PIC   PIC 18.00
 126/295d R XF (weak as usually)  PIC   PIC 110.00
 127/248b R3 EF  PIC   PIC 65.00
 128/289 b R3 AU (Solder residue on Rev.)  PIC   PIC 45.00
 136/397 a R1 VF  PIC   PIC 25.00

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